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Microcentrifuge Biocen 22 | Biocen 22 R

Microcentrifuge - Biocen 22


Biocen 22 centrifuge

Our offer for users requiring a microcentrifuge with possible applications for microhematocrit and microtubes. Its small size, good performance and great versatility make it an essential tool. It gives the user complete control from the beginning of the process and many values can be customised according to the processes. Built to ensure the minimum increase of temperature inside the chamber due to the high-speed centrifugation process.

We know how important a sample is as a part of a process and therefore we try to interfere as little as possible to avoid interference and ensure a precise, exact, reliable and rapid result.


Biocen 22 R – Refrigerated Centrifuge

One of the best options when high speed and different tube formats are required. This refrigerated microcentrifuge, which has a wide range of rotors for a cooled centrifuge. Dynamic cooling equipment kept the desired temperature, reaching it in a short period of time and maintaining it stable throughout the whole cycle, regardless of the operation speed. Customisation of equipment options through the software enables you to adapt the work cycles to the process as well as the user preferences, thus optimising performance in your laboratory.

For Ortoalresa, the Biocen 22 R centrifuge is the culmination of its know-how in centrifugation, materialised for the user in a robust, versatile and efficient piece of equipment that integrates perfectly into any lab, highlighting its application in research and biotechnology.

  • Remains the refrigeration after centrifugation process.
  • Precooling program with rotor spinning and temperature selectable.
  • Guarantee 4 °C at maximum RPM.
  • Temperature range from -20°C (-4°F) to 40°C (104°F) in 1°C steps.
  • Temperature sensor inside the chamber.
  • Gas R 449A HFO (CFC free).



  • Shows RPM/ RCF and time. (Refrigerated model shows also temperature and acceleration/deceleration - PCBS).
  • Timer countdown/up from “0” or at “set RPM/ RCF” for reproducible tests.
  • Acoustic and visual messages on screen warning the user the equipment status.
  • Rotors list on memory.
  • Start, stop, open lid and short spin with adjustable speed buttons.
  • Unbalance detection and switch off.
  • Rotors can be removed with the lid closed. Hermetic lids.
  • Rotors and adapters autoclavable, easy to install by the user.


  • Lid provided with security systems:
    – Automatic lid lock system, motorized.
    – Emergency lid-lock release.
    – Locking and protection against opening along the run.
    – Lid dropping protection.
    – Port in the lid for calibration and operation checking.

    Biocen 22

    Biocen 22 R




    Max Capacity

    24 X 2ml

    8 X 15ml

    Max Speed rpm

    15000 rpm

    18100 rpm

    Max Speed xg

    21885 xg

    31865 xg

    Display type



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