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hot plate

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate RH up to 15 Liters, 320°C

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate RH Basic / Digital

Model RH Basic/Digital have stainless steel compound hot plate that ensures rapid heating

Model RH Basic/Digital White have white ceramic heating plate that ensures rapid heating and a very good chemical resistance

RH Digital models have Digital display of temperature and speed, Error code display and Easy operation with touch keypad

Bushing according to DIN 12878 for connecting an electronic contact thermometer, such as the ETS-D5


Delivery including:

IKAFLON® 20 Magnetic stirring bar

IKAFLON® 30 Magnetic stirring bar

IKAFLON® 40 Magnetic stirring bar


H 102.1 Protection handle

Screwdriver (use for safety circuit)



    RH Basic / White

    RH Digital / White


    15 Liters

    15 Liters


    100-2000 rpm

    100-2000 rpm

    Temperature range

     50°C to 320°C

     50°C to 320°C

    Plate size



  • IKA Werke GmbH & Co. KG - Germany

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