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Magnetic stirrer

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate MS7-H550-S up to 10 liters, 550°C

מק"ט: 8030122211

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate MS7-H550-S

LED display for precise monitoring of temperature

Two rotating knobs enable easy adjustment of speed and temperature
Glass ceramic work plate provides excellent chemical resistant performance and most efficient heat transfer

External temperature control is possible by connecting the temperature sensor (PT1000) with an accuracy at ±0.2°C

The “HOT” warning will flash when the work plate temperature is above 50°C even when the hotplate is turned off

Package is available including:

* Hot plate stirrer MS7-H550-S

* PT1000A

* support clamp



  • Capacity

    Up to 10 liters


    0 to 1500 rpm

    Temperature range

    From RT to 550°C

    Plate size

    184X184 mm

  • Dlab Scientific Inc. - China

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