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hot plate

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate C-Mag HS Digital up to 500°C

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate C-Mag HS 4 / 7 / 10 Digital

Magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance.

Simultaneous digital display of target and actual temperatures via LCD display

Directly connection for a PT 1000 temperature sensor enable a precise temperature control (included in delivery)

Hot Top indicator: hot surface warning to prevent burns

Digital error code display


Delivery includes:

PT 1000.60 Temperature sensor, stainless steel

IKAFLON® 20 Magnetic stirring bar

IKAFLON® 30 Magnetic stirring bar

IKAFLON® 40 Magnetic stirring bar


    C-Mag HS 4


    C-Mag HS 7


    C-Mag HS 10



    5 Liters

    10 Liters

    15 Liters


    100-1500 rpm

    100-1500 rpm

    100-1500 rpm



    50 to 500°C

    50 to 500°C

    50 to 500°C

    Plate size

    100 X 100 mm

    180 X 180 mm

    260 X 260 mm

  • IKA Werke GmbH & Co. KG - Germany

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