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magnetic stirrer

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate Agimatic-Rev-TFT-C up to 10 liters, 350°C

מק"ט: 7000838

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate Agimatic-Rev-TFT-C

Digital display - TFT touch screen

Electronic digital control of stir speed and heater temperature from 30°C to 350°C

Magnetic reversible action stirrers, with adjustable time stirring periods and precise

Speed control, provides the following advantages for repeat processes:

1. Faster mixing, reduced stirring time.

2. Controllable vortex effect.

3. Quickly eliminates air from within the sample mixture, degassing.

4. Minimum splashing, no loss of sample.

Select movement for one direction or reverse.

Silumin upper plate with ceramic surface (Excelent conducitity and heat distribution. Unalterable surface. Higher acceleration to reach temperature. Extreme resistance against chemical agents and scratches.)


with removable safety ring against splllage

Up to 10 working programs

Supplied with a PTFE coated stir bar of Ø 8 X 40 mm long

  • Capacity

    Up to 10 liters


    100 to 1600 rpm

    Temperature range

    From 30°C to 350°C

    Plate size

    Ø14.5 cm

  • J.P. Selecta - Spain

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