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Homogenizer Tube Drive

Homogenizer Tube Drive

dispersing, stirring, homogenizing and grinding system with sealable disposable sample tubes. Protection and security for: Infectious sample materials, toxic substances, high-odor substances under defined conditions (time, energy, volume).

No possibility of cross-contamination

Sealable disposable sample tubes

No cleaning required


Control model:

Programmable test conditions of Time, energy, volume: You specify and systematically program the test conditions and store frequently used parameters in your library.
Adjustable change in direction of rotation

Turbo button - Even more intensive mixing, dispersing or grinding


Workstaion includes:

Tube drive P control

ST-20 Tube with stirring device (25x) (3x)

DT-20 Tube with rotor-stator element (25x)

Glass balls (6.0 mm) for BMT tubes

Stainless steel (5.0 mm) balls for BMT tubes

Removal hook

Plastic hose for drainage

USB cable


    Tube Drive

    Tube drive Control


    2-15 ml / 15-50 ml

    2-15 ml / 15-50 ml

    Viscosity Max.

    5000 mPas

    5000 mPas


    300-6000 rpm


  • IKA Werke GmbH & Co. KG - Germany

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