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3in Non-Metalic Frame Test Sieve

Durable 3in (76mm) diameter Non-Metallic Sieves

For special applications with small volumes of fine materials. Sieves are constructed with clear polycarbonate frames to allow observation of particle action during dry separation or liquid levels during wet-sieving operations. Polyester mesh has opening sizes matching the U.S. Standard series from No. 50 (300µm) to No. 635 (20µm), as well as 7, 10, and 15µm sizes.

Mesh and frame assembly is secured with heat-cured acrylic cement and silicone sealant. An elastic polyolefin band covers the frame joint and provides an effective seal when nesting.

These polycarbonate sieves have approximately 1.75in (45mm) overall height, 1.25in (32mm) stacked height, and 2.9in (73mm) inside diameter. Sieves will nest with each other, but not with other 3in (75mm) acrylic or stainless-steel sieve frames.

The SV-217 Wet-Test Pan is 2.5in (64mm) deep and has a drain for 3/8in (9.5mm) tube connection. SV-218 Extended-Rime Pan can be inserted in the middle of a sieve stack, allowing more than one specimen to be tested at a time.


  • Gilson Company Inc.

    • No.35 (500µm)
    • No.40 (425µm)
    • No.45 (355µm)
    • No.50 (300µm)
    • No.60 (250µm)
    • No.70 (212µm)
    • No.80 (180µm)
    • No.100 (150µm)
    • No.120 (125µm)
    • No.140 (106µm)
    • No.170 (90µm)
    • No.200 (75µm)
    • No.230 (63µm)
    • No.270 (53µm)
    • No.325 (45µm)
    • No.400 (38µm)
    • No.450 (32µm)
    • No.500 (25µm)
    • No.635 (20µm)
    • 15µm
    • 10µm
    • 7µm
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